ST Integrated Engineering (STIE) is a multi-national engineering and Information Technology (IT) solutions company. Headquartered in Singapore, STIE works closely with clients around the world to design, implement, and maintain a full suite of engineering services and IT solutions. Backed by the deep expertise and experience of over 375 employees, STIE operates across a wide range of industries, including infrastructure, transport, healthcare, and technology. Our world-class and award-winning solutions have been implemented by our clients across Asia and in the Middle East.

Our core competencies are Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) and Information Technology Systems (ITS). With our ability to develop and implement engineering and IT solutions to upgrade, manage, maintain, repair, and integrate complex operations, our clients trust us to manage high-value physical assets and facilities. Our people are the foundation of our strength and expertise. With offices in Singapore and India, our diverse teams bring together vital engineering and management experience, technical capability and design expertise. We ensure that the highest standards of expertise and service are provided to our clients, as we work together to co-create smart solutions for transforming businesses.

Integrated Facility Management

Integration drives businesses and catalyses growth by optimising processes, people, technology and information under a single platform. STIE has a proven track record in providing a complete suite of IFM services for our clients. We improve efficiency and optimise operations through the use of frontier technology. From hard engineering services such as Mechanical and Electrical work, to soft services such as liaising with contractors for other aspects of maintenance and building management, our custom-built smart solutions seamlessly integrate essential services. With the growing prevalence of technological advancement and integration, we are actively engaged across a range of industries. STIE maintains critical facilities such as hospitals, security sensitive installations for government agencies and ministries, and transportation infrastructures. Some of our past clients in Singapore include Tan Tock Seng Hospital, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Jurong Town Council.

Information Technology Services

Emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IOT), the digitalization of hard, physical assets like fibre optics, and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) systems form the next wave of innovation for business optimisation. Enterprises and organizations require infrastructure that meets current technological needs, while future-proofing their businesses for continued success. With our pool of experienced talent, STIE leverages technology to redefine and deliver services such as reconciliation, data analytics and security, cloud computing, and asset management systems. Our technological solutions are implemented across a wide spectrum of industries, including IT and security consulting, retail and consumer, and supply chain and logistics management. Some of our past clients in Singapore include the Housing Development Board (HDB), Building & Construction Authority (BCA), Ministry of Interior in Abu Dhabi and McDonald's Saudi Arabia.

Transportation Solutions

STIE connects people and cities by providing technology-infused solutions that carve out efficient transport infrastructures across Asia and the Middle East. Our transportation division is a recognised market leader in providing innovative, reliable and long-lasting solutions to a wide range of applications including land and rail transport systems. Our team provides comprehensive advice and solutions across the entire lifecycle of a project, from inception to feasibility studies, stakeholder engagement, design and construction, final testing, commissioning and ongoing asset management. Some of our past projects are amongst the biggest public transport agencies in South East Asia.

Infrastructure Development and Consultancy

STIE brings together cutting-edge technology, engineering expertise, and a passion for developing and implementing environment friendly practices. Together with our clients, we transform cityscapes to suit shifting demographics, technology advances and evolving user demands. We also provide consultancy and project management services to develop smart properties and cities around the world. STIE Infrastructure Development division operates across multiple sectors including, transportation engineering, architectural and interior design, civil and structural engineering, and mechanical and electrical engineering. Some of our past clients include the Abu Dhabi Police (for implementation of Road Traffic Enforcement system across major intersections), Ministry of Interior - UAE (for consultancy service on Sheikh Zayed Tunnel)